Underwriting Of Securities

Underwriting is the process by which merchant / investment banks take the responsibility and risk of selling the specific allotment of the securities being issued (both equity and debt) by corporations and governments.

Ace aims to be a leading underwriter in debt instruments, equity and equity-linked offerings across the domestic market. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of local market and resources, we aim to deliver innovative and customized solutions to our clients.

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management involves making decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation, and balancing risk against performance aimed at maximizing return at a given appetite for risk. Portfolios can be managed actively or passively (tracking an index).

Ace, as a licensed Portfolio Manager, provides Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to both individuals and institutions.

Market Maker For Goverment Securities

We at Ace are proud of our track record as facilitators for issuing financial assets. We are licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to sell and buy government bonds and also disburse periodic interest on the government bonds. We have been involved as the Issue Manager for various bonds. We are confident that our financial acumen will benefit our patrons. We have a proven track record in this area and are looking forward to becoming the premier market maker of government securities.

Debenture Trustee

A Debenture Trustee is a financial institution that is given fiduciary powers by a debenture / bond issuer to enforce the terms of a bond indenture (contract between a bond issuer and a bond holder). As a Debenture Trustee, Ace ensures that the bond interest payments are made as scheduled and protects the interests of the bondholders if the issuer defaults.

Loan Advisory

Ace Capital facilitates a wide range of fund requirement with various credit schemes. However we feel that the financial health of our client is of the utmost importance. A slight mismatch in funds and timing of credit can affect our client. Our credit / loan team is able to provide sound advice to clients on how to manage their funds. Based on a strong project evaluation foundation, our team is able to advise the client on a favorable loan schedule. We believe in working with our clients and working on a loan scheme that is in the best interest of the client.

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